Dandelion Root

After it’s discovery a couple of decades ago, it’s not a mystery the great health benefits that it may bring to those who drink it tea or take it as a pill constantly.

For years people admire it as a flower, but decades ago it was discovered that its roots can use as a tea to get a better liver health, due to its health benefits towards the human liver. Currently, researches are still being done as what it does and what other properties it may contain.


Liver Health: Dandelion root has long been held as a “liver tonic” in folk medicine. Preliminary studies suggest this is due, in part, to its ability to increase the flow of bile. Nature paths believe it means that dandelion root tea could help detoxify the liver, help with skin and eye problems, and relieve symptoms of liver disease. A 2017 study suggests that polysaccharides in dandelion may indeed be beneficial to liver function.




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