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Swedish Flower Pollen

In the fight for prostate health, current research is showing that Swedish flower pollen has a number of health benefits to the male prostate and similar systems in the body. Swedish flower pollen generally comes in an extract, and undergoes a special fermentation process which opens the pollen to reveal its nutrients and make them useful to the body. Before undergoing this process, these nutrients are encased in indigestible plant matter and unable to be processed by the body. These nutrients promote healthy urine flow and healthy prostate function. According to some studies, the nutrients in Swedish flower pollen also help to vitalize the body by boosting the metabolism and white blood count in the body.

So what exactly is pollen anyway? Pollen is the substance that’s produced when plants create flowers. It’s the male germ seed that’s involved in fertilization or pollination. For this reason, pollen in general is said to be very nutritious. Some studies even claim that it’s a sort of superfood, containing all of the vital nutrients required for life. But the problem that comes with any kind of pollen is in utilizing and digesting its nutrients, as we talked about above. Each tiny pollen shell is nearly impenetrable and unusable in its natural state. But Swedish flower pollen makers have come up with a system to very purely harvest the nutrients of the pollen without using bees or harsh chemicals.

** If you are allergic to bees, consult a physician before taking pollen of any kind.

Swedish Flower pollen is not the same as pollen gathered from bees. The main reason why flower pollen is referred to as Swedish flower pollen is because the usage of flower pollen first originated in Sweden, and currently is still highly utilized. Flower pollen isn’t gathered from bees, but is gathered directly from live plants in fields in a specific method. Bees collect pollen using a different method, and often gather from different sources and different kinds. Bee pollen is also a useful supplement sold in many health food stores, but is different from flower pollen. Pollen gathered from bees has been shown to be a very nourishing and contain many vitamins and minerals. Some proponents of bee pollen even claim that it contains all the nutrients needed for life and vitality. Some people claim that there isn’t really a very big difference between flower pollen and bee pollen, but the producers of Swedish flower problem claim that the special process that’s used to gather and process the flower pollen, it has different, more powerful health benefits.

The digestive tract in humans cannot process flower pollen. Makers of Swedish flower pollen claim that their system of gathering pollen creates a specific kind of pollen, and I believe them. Another great way of getting pollen however is through eating honey, especially raw organic honey. Raw organic honey contains many of the pollens gathered by bees in a form that allows the body to process it. This has far reaching benefits. Eating locally produced honey is a major asset in the fight against allergies. Because locally produced honey has the same pollens and allergens in it that cause allergies to flare up, eating a steady diet of locally produced honey helps the body to get adapt to the pollens and allergens in the environment, reducing the effects of allergies, and in some cases, eliminating them altogether. This is only somewhat useful in the realm of Swedish flower pollen. Unless a person wants to order local honey special from Sweden, they really can’t get the same kind of flower pollen in their honey. That’s okay though. Consuming organic, raw honey as a sugar substitute is definitely still a good idea. Using honey in things like coffee and tea, and in recipes that allow for it will help you get a steady flow of healthy sugars and good pollens. It may not be Swedish flower pollen, but it will still have great health benefits.

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